About Us

Shoes Doc began as a brick-and-mortar store in 1995 by Antonino Perici, an Italian immigrant with a background in shoe repair and production. Nino, as he was known, had a passion for fine footwear, which developed while he worked as a young man in his grandfather’s workshop in Perugia, Italy. He helped to design and create a number of unique pairs and when he and his family moved to the US, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and set about building his business.


Today, Nino has retired but his children and grandchildren run the business in his stead. With the advent of the internet and online shopping, Nino’s daughter Alessia sought to give the store an online presence and thus this site was born. She currently heads the online store while Anthony and Paul handle the day-to-day duties at the two retail outlets as general managers. Zoe is in charge of sales and marketing, while young Angelo is interning with us and learning the ropes. All in all, that makes 4 generations of Pericis working at Shoes Doc and we are proud to be a family-run, family-centric business.

As the world’s reliance on the internet grows, we appreciate the convenience of online shopping – convenience is the name of the game today for retail businesses. However, while we wouldn’t dare deny the use of internet shopping, it is important to realize that some things do not have a virtual replacement. This is why we do not ship our products but offer only in-store pick up for purchases. We feel that this is a good opportunity for customers to try on their chosen products and thus save both parties the hassle of returning shoes that do not fit perfectly.

Return policy

We do of course offer returns on our products but we feel our policy on in-store pick up should pre-empt and prevent most instances where returns are necessary. Customers have 30 days to return their shoes if they are not 100% satisfied with them. Whether you’ve changed your mind on the style, they are not completely comfortable or you have noticed something wrong, we will take the product back, no questions asked, and offer to either repair, replace or refund your costs.

Shoes Doc is built on family values and as such, is committed to offering customers affordable products, a variety of style options and shoes that are built to withstand anything that’s thrown at them. We use top shelf materials to ensure a good fit and timeless design, combined in a product that will not fall apart at the first bit of wear and tear.

Please visit us at either our Alvin Street address (one block away from the casino) or our new location on Miller Drive. We would love to hear from you via email, Facebook or Twitter and we run regular contests and promotions through social media. Keep an eye out and you could win some great prizes ranging from new shoes to a free repair jobs to a selection from our range of shoe care products.